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About the map
The Vibrio viewer is a real-time model that uses daily updated remote sensing data to examine worldwide environmental suitable conditions such as sea surface temperature and salinity for Vibrio spp. according to Baker-Austin et al. (Nature Climate Change 3, 73–77, 2013). Infections caused by Vibrio species other than V. cholerae can also be serious notably for immunocompromised persons, but the overall occurrence is low despites an increase having been recently observed in Northern Europe. Note that only imported case of acute Vibrio cholerae infections are notified in EU. Further work is on-going to improve this environmental suitability model in collaboration with NOAA CoastWatch, ECDC, CEFAS, University of Bath and the University of Santiago de Compostela (for more information in the model summary ). Early information about the environmental suitability will be of public health interest to assess the geographic extent of potential human exposure. Please note that this model has been calibrated to the Baltic Region in Northern Europe and might not apply to other worldwide settings prior to validation.

For the Baltic Sea, the model parameters are optimized for the following values: colour palette (boxfill/vibrio), number colour bands (10) , scale method (linear), legend range Min. value (0), and Max. value (28).
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Daily Suitability Index (Daily Vibrio Risk)